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Epoxy paint is a specialty type of painting that uses a special process and materials that harden and hold a shine like nothing you have ever seen.  ​Epoxy paint is great for industrial properties, garages, warehouses, gym floors, restaurant floors and high traffic areas where you need a hard finish ​that can take a beating. You can even apply these coatings over concrete floors

Epoxy Coating Benefits:

Seamless easy to clean surface

Durable hard wearing & chemical resistant

Environmentally safe

Cost efficient

LuxCon has become a specialist in Epoxy paint processes for flooring.  We even painted the water pipe houses for a Village we will highlight below. In addition to Epoxy painting we dry ice blasted the rust off pipes to prep the area given the need for a process that would not contaminate the area since we were dealing with the water supply to the entire village.

Featured Client | Epoxy Painting & Dry Ice Blasting

Village of Mundelein Water Distribution ​Facilities

PROJECT:  Dry ice blast, prime and epoxy paint pipes, walls and floors in four separate water filtration facilities with in 30days

RESULT: Exceeded expectations, completing 10 days ahead ​of schedule and on budget without a single change order

Epoxy Pipes/Floors/Walls

Beginning Prep

 ​Dry Ice Blasting